Our pricing model is simple. 

You pay a fixed fee for the set-up and the annual subscription for Rebus® offered as a SaaS solution accessed through your favorite browser. 

Without Rebus, I would have to turn back the clock 10 Years, return to excel spreadsheets and archive reports. I would struggle or I would be looking for something just like Rebus.”

~ Ryan Donoghue, Director of Operations and Continous Improvement, Accuristix

About Pricing

A Rebus investment is only a fraction of what you’ve spent on your WMS, LMS, or TMS solution, and it magnifies the ROI on your execution suite purchases. The kicker is that it takes only a few weeks (not months) to be up and running and a positive ROI is reached in months, not years.

Rebus offers unparalleled Data Services at a value-driven price point. With unlimited users across your company, and an annual subscription that will make your CFO smile, Rebus is as accessible as it is essential.

 With traditional BI tools, you need to worry about buying and maintaining servers. You also need worry about the amount of data you manage. Those worries go away with Rebus, along with your ongoing costs

Adding Rebus® Intelligent Labor to your workforce is more affordable than you might think. After we get you live on your first site, the time and expense for your remaining sites will really grab your attention. The cost to deploy Rebus will allow you to use an LMS at sites where you didn’t think it would be possible.

The only ongoing costs are for your subscription or additional services you want, but we prefer that you manage Rebus on your own to minimize TCO. The hidden cost of a traditional engineered LMS is the on-going maintenance of the standards. Keeping Rebus Labor updated takes a few hours a month. And, keep in mind that your subscription covers maintenance and support. There’s no capital investment in hardware or operational expenses for equipment maintenance.

    • Only pay for what you need
    • Maintenance and support included
    • No capital investment in hardware
    • No operational expenses for equipment

With Rebus, You Can...

Create real-time visibility operations and avoid 10-30% increased labor costs and disrupted shipments during WMS go live.

Savings of $100k+ by easily implementing Intelligent Labor at multiple sites at once and realizing benefits immediately.

Improve cost to service customers by 15 – 20% through better labor optimizations.

Real-time inventory status accuracy in the WMS significantly decreases risk and increases productivity across the warehouse.

Intelligent Labor means no complex projects due to outdated setups, making it 90% more cost-effective than the other labor technologies that haven’t changed in decades.

Accomplish visibility goals in weeks as compared to months or years with current solutions that aren’t purpose-built for the warehouse.

Rebus enables customers to transform their warehouse effectiveness with real-time visibility into operations that previously were only available when it was too late to take action (hours later or the next day).

Reduce, or eliminate 25%-100% of overtime in the warehouse with real-time visibility into costs as they happen.

Get Visibility into Your Supply chain

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