Distribution & Logistics Historical Data

Manage data in a single place, cost-effectively scale storage and easily compare current and historical data.

Historical Records at Your Fingertips

Every year, every quarter, every day, someone in the enterprise wants to find answers to critical operational performance questions. With Rebus Archive, all of your historical records can be accessed within seconds.

Searching through multiple joined databases and comparing past and current production data is sometimes impossible. Then there’s the worst-case scenario – system lockup, caused when you ask for more information than your WMS can process.

Avoid the Stress, Use Rebus Archive

Rebus Archive is a cost-effective, scalable solution that is designed to provide high-speed results. Rebus Archive accesses, analyzes, and reports data essential to making well-informed, accurate decisions.

Built for Speed & Visibility

Archiving data is essential, so why not house it in a database leveraging NoSQL technology, which has been used for over a decade by companies like Google and Facebook to process large amounts of data?

Replace your database with a platform purposely-built for high-performance processing and reporting

  • Forecast with much greater accuracy

  • Reduce cost of infrastructure to support WMS/LMS/TMS and reporting activities

  • Minimize internal resources dedicated to database operations

Real-Time Visibility into Your Distribution and Logistics Data

“Without Rebus, I would have turn back the clock 10 years return to excel spreadsheets and archive reports. I would struggle with it, or I would be looking for something just like Rebus.”

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