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January, February, and March 2022 Recap

Gerry Brady

Founder and Chief Innovator

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Employee Spotlight

Dylan McKeever

Solution Architect

I grew up in a tiny town in the Great State of Wisconsin where I promptly fell in love with sports, cheese, hunting, fishing, and pretty much anything outdoors; and of course, the Green Bay Packers. My passion for the outdoors led me to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is slightly further north than Quebec City, but more lovable. After a little time back in Wisconsin, I managed to land a job at Longbow and promptly moved to lower Michigan. While I still love pretty much anything outdoors, being cooped up for a while with COVID ended up igniting my passion for health and wellness. Now I’m currently training for my first marathon and 50k race later this year!

Fun Tidbits about Dylan:

    • I learned to scuba dive while studying abroad in New Zealand and was able to do a 5 day live aboard diving the Great Barrier Reef during my spring break.
    • I’ve successfully hunted a variety of different animals, with my most exhilarating hunt being a 600lb black bear.
    • In middle school, I consistently placed highly in forensics before deciding to focus on wrestling and football in high school.
    • Pineapple belongs on pizza and a hotdog is a sandwich.


Welcome New Hires

Layale Haidar

Jr. Technical Writer

Joined: Jan 4, 2022

“A day without chocolate is
like… wait, I have no idea.”

Brian Spiers

Business Development Rep.

Joined: Jan 10, 2022

“Enjoy the journey,
not the destination” 

Lianna David

Project Coordinator

Joined: Feb 14, 2022

“I love going for ice cream –
my go-to flavor is mint chocolate or strawberry cheesecake.”

Ankita Sharma

Business Intelligence Analyst

Joined: Feb 14, 2022

“Spend time with nature to learn
great values to live a great life” 

Ian Coyne

System Analyst

Joined: Feb 14, 2022

“No project is impossible
with a cup of coffee in hand.”

Audrey Lovins

System Analyst

Joined: Feb 14, 2022

“Push yourself because no
one else is going to do it for you.” 

Raul Mirelez

Sr. Business Analyst

Joined: March 14, 2022

“Miracles happen every day, change your perception of
What a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you” – Jon Bon Jovi


March Birthdays

March 8 – Mike Bohbot
March 8 – Brian Almey
March 12 – Adam Garcia
March 12 – Joel Hinton
March 19 – Brandt Cowan
March 20 – Shawn McLeese
March 27 – Dylan McKeever

April Birthdays

April 3 – Griffin Joyner
April 9 – Priya Reddy
April 16 – Layale Haidar
April 19 – Cachelle Walker
April 23 – Leigh Chesley


March Anniversaries

15 Years – Anna Lambidonis
14 Years – Cassidy Brady
14 Years – Chelsea Brady
3 Years – Stephanie Alvarado
2 Years – Guillaume Massy
1 Year – Avkash Sharma
1 Year – Michael Babiak

April Anniversaries

10 Years – James Polese
9 Years – Andrew Fazio
9 Years – Djihane Ayeva
5 Years – Brandt Cowan
4 Years – Griffin Joyner
4 Years – Monique Azore
4 Years – Natalie Riedl
1 Year – Gary Douglas
1 Year – Thomas Anderson


JM Smucker Upgrade

The JM Smucker upgrade project started in Oct 2020. Our task was to take 2 of their RedPrairie version 2004 instances and move them to Blue Yonder 2020 SaaS. We were also tasked with challenging JMS on each and every single customization that was done to the system. They really wanted to make a conscious effort to become as standard as possible so that SaaS upgrades were more friendly. Unless a customization was absolutely needed, it was taken off the table. Other customizations became workflows or configuration changes, as well as operational changes. They looked at Longbow as a trusted advisor as well as the implementor for the project; they truly valued our opinion and experience in the playing field. Their pilot site was Scottsville, KY. A small site with enough volume to really test out BY SaaS.

Throughout the project, many mods were ported over from their 2017 instance (not the same as the site that was on 2004 that we were migrating/upgrading). The 2017 instance gave is a great starting point for the 2020 template. JMS also relies heavily on reports/page builder screens that give them the exact information they want. About 1/3 of our rollouts (about 60 in total) were related to reports/page builder. Another 1/3 were related to custom APIs that help JMS’s host system query data from PROD since direct DB access is not allowed on SaaS. The last 1/3 were related integration, RF screens, dynamic config, etc… (typical mods).

The JMS team consisted of Dylan who lead the project. Thanks to Kiran for working on the page builder and reports. We had some great help from others (Jean, Brandon Morris, etc…) who helped build some of the very complex queries behind the page builders/reports. Kudos to the whole team (plus anyone I may have missed). A special thanks to Dylan for providing superb go-live support. After the first week, we were at 0 defects (yes, you read that right, zero defects). Dylan’s hard work definitely paid off, and the JMS team loves Longbow as a result of it. Now everyone can be assured our American employees will continue to enjoy these Uncrustables they speak of. Canada has yet to get these into the market. ☹

By: Reehan Shaikh


Overstock Joins Rebus Customer Family

Overstock is a tech-driven e-commerce company located in Salt Lake City. Since beginning in 1999, they’ve evolved from a startup to a billion-dollar online retailer.

Overstock needed help measuring indirect activities and they were not able to see utilization or performance at the facility level. They were looking to implement labor across multiple facilities and using Rebus to create data-driven standards was something that immediately created interest. The team at Overstock is starting with 2 facilities for Rebus Warehouse Visibility and Intelligent Labor with a targeted go-live of April.

Our conversations with Overstock began in the spring of 2021 and overtime included a broad group of people across our company, each of whom was impactful in helping us develop a fantastic relationship with the team at Overstock. This was truly a team effort, which makes it even more exciting to have them on board.

Please join me in congratulating and thanking Chelsea Brady, Mike Babiak, Angie Lovins, Joel Hinton, and the entire Rebus team on bringing Overstock into the family.

By: Leigh Chesley


First in-person event Since 2020​

Longbow Returns for MODEX 2022

The last in-person event Longbow Advantage attended (not including NOW 2021) was MODEX 2020. It’s fantastic to see the return of in-person events as the industry continues to develop and re-adjust to the high demands of the supply chain. At MODEX attendees will get to see what’s up and coming in the industry – including Rebus! 


Gerry Brady Returns as Our CEO

Longbow Advantage today announced that Gerry Brady has returned to the role of Chief Executive Officer after over four years as Chief Innovation Officer. Brady moves back into the role following a strong financial year for Longbow that included the addition and expansion of the most customers in the company’s history.


Announcing NOW 2022

Tell one, tell all! We announced the dates for our 2nd Annual Rebus User Conference, NOW 2022. This year, the conference will be held in Boston, MA. 

Share with your customers and industry peers. 


Changes in Leadership

In March, Gerry announced that we will be putting our company in the hands of people we know and trust. People that are already employed at Longbow.

He announced that Leigh Chesley and Todd Kolber will be stepping into executive positions on our team. Leigh will take on the new role of Chief Customer Officer. Beyond her current ownership of Marketing, she will also focus on customer success, working with Mike Babiak, and Rebus Consulting Services with Chelsea Brady. Todd will take on the role of Chief Revenue Officer with a portfolio of Sales for all of Longbow as well Partner Alliances. 

Congratulations Leigh and Todd! 


New Blogs

How Supply Chains Will Evolve in 2022 and Beyond

Looking into 2022, the easiest prediction to make is that the supply chain world will remain chaotic. Labor shortages abound, materials remain scarce, and expectations to deliver are higher than ever before. So, what does that mean for how companies will approach their supply chain strategy in 2022? They’ll need to rethink everything or get left behind.


Labor Shortage and the Rise Real-Time Visibility

Over the past 20-22 months, we have experienced worldwide disruptions that have altered and influenced lifestyle changes. With COVID-19 inspired global policies in place, day-to-day routines for industries on a global scale had to change how they operate within the supply chain sector.


New e-Book

e-book | Intelligent Labor

Our Intelligent labor module is built to manage warehouse employees more efficiently. As warehouses get bigger and more complex, we need smarter tools to build successful warehouse teams. The future of labor is smart.

Share within your network our latest e-book


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