The Longbow Lowdown

April, May 2022 Recap

Message from the CEO

Gerry Brady

Founder and CEO

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Employee Spotlight

Shawn McLeese

Vice President & GM, Consulting Services

I’ve had the privilege of living in the beautiful Great Lakes State my entire life. I spent the majority of my life in Southwest Michigan, but was born in Petoskey (northern, lower peninsula), and of course, now live in the Ann Arbor area on the Southeast side. I received my degree in Computer Science from Kalamazoo College in 2004, while the IT market was still reeling from the dot com bubble burst and the market was flooded with experienced IT professionals fighting for the few open jobs that remained. Despite a good degree, it was extremely difficult to even get an interview straight out of college. Fortuitously, my entrance into logistics actually begin during my senior year in college where I worked in a warehouse picking ice cream in -30F freezer. While it was far from a fun job, it was eventually enough to get me an interview at the corporate headquarters with the 3pl for which I was working, which ultimately led to my first job out of college working on WMS implementations. After a year or so, the implementations slowed down, and I became strictly a developer (mostly Crystal Reports), which I could only take for a little while before I was bored out of my mind and had to make a move.

So, in 2006, I had the brilliant idea to get into building/flipping/real estate, JUST before the housing market completely tanked (I have impeccable timing). Luckily, I had continued doing some WMS consulting and was able to get back into the WMS implementation space pretty quickly once I saw the writing on the wall. In 2008 I begin doing my first RedPrairie implementation, back working with the same 3pl. It was there that Gerry was our first RedPrairie consultant and, through a series of fortunate events, I was able to eventually land at Longbow Advantage in 2011. Since then, I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with such a great organization and the best co-workers in the industry. Personally, I’ve been blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart, Lianna, for more than 17 years (we’ve been together nearly 25 years), and I have 4 wonderful, crazy, energetic, usually kind, often frustrating, occasionally infuriating, but ultimately amazing little boys – Eoin (11), Kian (8), Fynn (6), and Cael (3).

Fun Tidbits about Shawn

Welcome New Hires

Bushra Sajjad

Pre-Sales Consultant

Joined: Jan 5th, 2022

“We all have the ability to manifest successes in our life that we never thought possible before.”

Andres Sandoval

Talent Acquisition Manager

Joined: Apr 18, 2022

“It is wiser to find out than to suppose”

- Mark Twain

Jasleen Kaur

Software Developer

Joined: Apr 25 , 2022

“In a world where you can
be anything, choose to be kind.”

Mandy Ward

Sr. Business Analyst

Joined: May 2, 2022

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken” 

- Oscar Wilde

Francis Fazio

Business Analyst

Joined: May 2, 2022

“Music always sounds better
on Friday for some reason”

Samiuddin Syed

Full Stack Developer

Joined: May 2, 2022

“Donuts are always the answer.” 

Travis Hinkle

Content Marketing Manager

Joined: May 12, 2022

“There’s nothing a good light roast, single origin Ethiopian pour over can’t make better”

Asli Metin

Account Executive

Joined: May 16, 2022

“If you don’t make an issue an
issue, there won’t be any issue.” 

Long Chen

Software Developer

Joined: May 16, 2022

“Love every minute of coding
and enjoy the journey”

May Birthdays

May 3 – Andrew Fazio
May 5 – John Underwood
May 18 – Long Chen
May 19 – Travis Hinkle

June Birthdays

June 5 – Hamidul Islam
June 6 – Michael Hreha
June 16 – Lindsay Sanford
June 17 – Clayton Reginald
June 18 – Kenneth Champagne
June 24 – Rashmeet Kaur

July Birthdays

July 6 – Mike Babiak
July 13 – Garrett Shaw
July 19 – Ian Pierce
July 22 – Timothy Veet
July 23 – Kristina Lemasson
July 25 – Edip Tac
July 27 – Sean Zia

May Anniversaries

11 Years – Alexandr Cartasiov
5 Years – Jean Nouzeilles
3 Years – Hamidul Islam
1 Year – Ryan Hay
1 Year – Paul Kelly
1 Year – Ashley Pyzik

June Anniversaries

16 Years – Priyanka Kashyap
15 Years – Connor Brady
11 Years – Reehan Shaikh
4 Years – Reginald Clayton
4 Years – Michael Cloutier
3 Years – Garrett Shaw
1 Year – Michael Hreha
1 Year – Sid Nagpal

July Anniversaries

16 Years – Priyanka Kashyap
15 Years – Connor Brady
11 Years – Reehan Shaikh
4 Years – Reginald Clayton
4 Years – Michael Cloutier
3 Years – Garrett Shaw
1 Year – Michael Hreha
1 Year – Sid Nagpal

New Customer:

BlueTriton Brands

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, BlueTriton Brands, previously known as Nestle Waters North America, provides a portfolio of regional spring water and national purified water bottle brands.

BlueTriton needed real-time visibility on operational information on productivity, storage capacity service, and inventory levels across their 60+ sites.
As they began their journey to decouple from Nestle Waters Warehouse Management System, they knew they could become victim to a massive drop in productivity as they stood up their new SAP system.

Billy Brooks, Director of Warehouse Operations, and Rodger Wutzl, IT Functional Manager of Supply Chain, said we need to give the field a nice clean visibility package across the network on our go live of SAP in August. We need instantaneous access to operational performance across the network as we continue to grow and bring on more brands.

Our conversations began with BlueTriton Brands back in August of 2021 and included multiple people across our company, each of whom was impactful in helping us develop a fantastic relationship with Billy and their team. Phase 1 will include Warehouse Visibility across their 60+ sites, and Phase 2 will include Labor Management for their 22 factory warehouses.

Please join me in congratulation and thanking Angie Lovins, Chelsea Brady, Edip Tac, Sejal Awadaria, Bushra Sajjad, Mike Babiak, Todd Kolber, Conner Brady, and the entire Rebus Team for bringing BlueTriton Brands into the Longbow family.

By: Joel Hinton


LBA Announces NOW 2022

Longbow Advantage, the global leader in warehouse visibility and labor management, announced plans for their 2nd Annual Rebus User Conference, NOW 2022. The conference will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, October 3-5, 2022.

Attendees can look forward to training opportunities, feedback sessions, customer case studies, industry thought leadership, and a look into the future roadmap of The Rebus® Platform, which includes Warehouse Visibility, Intelligent Labor, and Inventory Operations.

Share with members of your network and stay tuned for more NOW 2022 announcements in the upcoming months.

“We’re beyond grateful for the customers and relationships we’ve built over the years, and we are excited to celebrate with many of them in Boston in October.”

– Gerry Brady, Founder, and CEO of Longbow Advantage.

3PL Billing Product Launch


Flexible and transparent billing module will allow 3PLs to automate billing processes for each client across the network.

 Longbow Advantage, the industry-leading supply chain execution company behind The Rebus® Platform and the global leader in warehouse software and consulting, announced the arrival of its newest product to market, Rebus® 3PL Billing. 

"We’re excited to extend the Rebus functionality to be able to provide a solution that meets, and in many ways exceeds, the needs of best-in-class third-party logistics providers."

– Gerry Brady, Founder, and CEO of Longbow Advantage.


Longbow Advantage Returns to In-Person Events

Since MODEX 2022, Longbow Advantage has been actively attending and showcasing at live events. At each event, our team promotes our Consulting Services along with The Rebus® Platform.

Share with members of your networks and stay in the loop with upcoming events by visiting our Events page.

Website Changes:

Page Redesigns

We’ve been making changes to our website. Our homepage, consulting pages, and rebus pages have been redesigned to reflect our updated brand guidelines.

Check out the pages on our site to familiarize yourself with our updated design and content.

New Content:

Video | The Rebus® Platform - It's your data. Own it.

Check out our latest video content. The video briefly provides a scenario in which the lack of visibility is affecting warehouse production. The videos highlights The Rebus® Platform as the solution and how users can benefit.

e-book | Inventory Operations

We released our eBook for Rebus® Inventory Operations. Companies are already turning to modern-day solutions such as artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics to help solve some of their biggest inventory management problems. However, the only solution that is easy to implement leverages your company data, and is scalable is real-time inventory visibility is Rebus.

Infographic | 3PL Billing

We built a web-hosted infographic to share information about our latest product, Rebus® 3PL Billing. Check out both versions of the infographic (interactive desktop and static mobile) to get the full experience.

Product Sheet | 3PL Billing

Along with the announcement of Rebus 3PL Billing we built a product sheet to act as a standalone flyer for those moments you’re in need of information.

Rebus 3PL Billing automates billing process for each client, optimizing for time and performance. With complete flexibility, create unique customer logic for varying billing cycles and payment terms, easily customizing process flows, tasks, and generating reports.

Product Page | Rebus® 3PL Billing

With all the new resources for Rebus® 3PL Billing, we also released a product page for our website. This page overviews Rebus 3PL Billing and how users can benefit from Rebus®.

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